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April 19, 2014

Site Wide Sale

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April 18, 2014

Easter Sale + Freebie!!!

Two adorable Easter themed kits on sale at My Memories... plus a cute freebie!!!

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April 16, 2014

My Memories April Blog Train

Welcome aboard!!!
Be sure to stop by all the stations and grab all contributions from the great designers from My Memories!!!

Here is my part:

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And here is the complete list of all the other stations:

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April 11, 2014

Egg Hunt

Meet my new kit: Egg Hunt!!!
Egg Hunt is a sweet and cute springy Easter themed, perfect to scrap your photos of egg hunts, egg coloring and Easter Sunday activities.

25 textured papers, being 15 lovely patterned and 10 solids, and 60 plus assorted elements, including easter themed stuff, flowers, leaves, ribbons, strings, butterflies, frames, buttons...not all elements are shown on preview.

And besides being on sale during the weekend, you also get this awesome pack with 5 beautiful and ready to use borders as a gift until April 21st!!!

Wanna see some inspiration from my adorable CT members???

You can see that although it has a lot of fun Easter themed stuff, making it perfect for your Easter memories, it also has a lot of other pretty elements that makes it good enough for your everyday scraps too.

Grab it while it's on sale!!! And take those adorable borders home too!!!

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And for my blog readers, another gift... some extra eggs that match perfectly my Egg Hunt kit!!!

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April 8, 2014

Dare to Dream!!! I did... and it finally came true!!!

I still fell like I'm dreaming... but it's true: I finally got my driver's licence!!!
Yeah!!! I don't know about other countries, but getting a driver's licence in Brazil is waaaaaay too expensive... getting mine costed me more than 2500,00 Brazilian Reais, about 1250 US Dollars. And beside expensive, the learning process is terrible and it's really really hard to pass the exams.
We first have 4 hours a day classes for a whole month... then we have a written exam to check if we know the law. If we pass this one, we are granted permittion to start learning to drive. And we can't learn from our parents, or our oldest brother or sister, or our husband or any other person we trust and like... we have to learn from complete strangers that sometimes are sooooo rough and unkind!!! We don't learn how to drive where we are actually going to drive... we learn it in a very remote place, with almost no traffic at all, usually very very far from our home. After 19 lessons, we are supposedly ready to drive alone, then we have the second exame... driving a car with two examiners inside.
I actually failed this exam once... 15 days ago... I cried for days! But I didn't give up... and today I was finally approved!!!
And because I'm soooooo happy, I have put my Dare to Dream kit on sale for only $1 until Friday!

Grab it now!!! If you are not the giving up kind of girl, like me, I'm sure you'll have some great opportunities to use it to scrap your victory moments!!!

April 1, 2014

The Digi Express Blog Train

Yeeey! There's a Party Going On!!!

Come aboard!!!
You are probably coming from KJD Designs and should head up to Marniejo's House of Scraps after grabbing my part...

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