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January 3, 2014

Ok... let's celebrate again!!!

I've got some e-mails yesterday about this sale I had on my WLS store on Wednesday, Jan 1st...

 photo january1stadd_zps44aae947.jpg

I got really sad to know that some girls missed the sale 'cause they were out computer, celebrating New Year's Eve with their family... right, what was I thinking? I myself was celebrating too, hahaha... the sale, the newsletter, the blog post, the facebook post, everything was scheduled earlier so I could have a free day with hubby...

So... I have decided: Let's celebrate again!!!

 photo january6thadd_zps7f37a912.jpg

You'll now have from today until monday, Jan 6th, to grab all those kits you wanted for only $1 each!!!

Hurry up!!! Click here to load your carts!!!

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